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Lessons straight out of Middle School life

Tonight, the seventh and eighth graders have a dance. 

Today, they are talking about heteronormativity, cultural norms, and ways to update the tradition of independent middle school dances to make them more inclusive.


It's one workshop in a daylong teach-in, the second Middle School teach-in this year. This one recognizes the National Day of Silence, observed in schools across the country to bring attention to anti-LGBTQQIA name calling, bullying and harassment. This is the thirteenth year in which Gordon has participated in this event. 


The conversation about dances and heteronormativity is especially interesting the morning after the fifth grade's Dancing Classrooms celebration, which defied the gender conventions of ballroom dancing in a thoughtful, understated way.


At Middle School teach-ins, the day is devoted to a series of interdisciplinary workshops and presentations. Before today's teach-in, the most recent one was in January, when students participated in a teach-in devoted to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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