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The Gordon School

Lessons come together

Woodworking, nature observations, life cycles and community organizing

April 28th

Young Kindergarten’s observations of a duck nest are interrupted by a raccoon. Students process the loss with poetry.


May 2nd

Young Kindergarten begins a lesson on woodworking.


The initial bangs of the hammer offer lessons in fine motor skills, as well as turn-taking, listening to instructions, patience and resilience.


May 9th

Young Kindergarten has tackled some basic three-dimensional designs - benches, boxes - and they are ready for more.

Mr. Terry brings them a kit for a duck nesting house they can build together.


May 11th

Young Kindergarten thinks carefully about the pond landscape: what a duck needs, and where the nesting house might go undisturbed by predators - and by student explorers.


The students know that a duck family might lay eggs several times during a single spring, so they are optimistic about the possibilities.


The class is happy to have performed this service for the community, and they have a request of the community in return: If you see the duck box, please leave it alone, and please don’t share the location with young students who might not be able to resist exploring the box for themselves!

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