Leading the conversation En Español

Two of Gordon's Spanish teachers are featured presenters at today's Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Manhattan.

Their presentation, Género Neutro y Lenguaje Inclusivo en Español, asks the questions:

How do we practice gender neutral language in our Spanish classroom? 
How do we create spaces that feel inclusive within a language that is inherently gendered?
What tools do we use to give our students on writing and speaking a gender inclusive language?

It's a workshop they originally created for one of the Middle School's annual teach-in days. These teach-ins, and Gordon's ongoing examination of how gender is discussed in the classroom, are just two ways Gordon is educating modern learners to succeed in a changing world.  

A look at the teach-ins at http://ow.ly/saXZ30qhG5f
A look at the gender conversation at www.gordonschool.org/gendersafe

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