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Kindergarten leads the school

At the final assembly of the year, Kindergarten green group presented their wishes for the world. 


All year long, they'd been asking themselves what essential things people need to survive.


It's an age-appropriate conversation, at a school that challenges students to become advocates for justice.


It's a conversation that continues through Gordon's eighth grade.


It was no surprise, then, that when green group began dancing in an invocation of these human rights, the rest of the school spontaneously leapt to their feet to join them.


The Wailers' Get Up, Stand Up came on the sound system.


A globe, twinkling with lights, rose mysteriously above the crowd.


There was a little magic in the room.


The assembly had only just begun.


The human rights these students wished for everyone in the world included:
to go to school
to have friends
to belong
to be loved
to have food
to have shelter
to be listened to
to feel safe
to be respected
to have a family
to be healthy
to have drinkable water

Members of this year's eighth grade - who have their Commencement tonight - did a similar lesson when they were in Kindergarten green group. That video is embedded below.

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