July book watch

July 15th update: In addition to the New York Times list linked below, Dr. Montross's book was also included in Time Magazine's Twelve New Books to Read in July and interviewed for an episode of NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross scheduled to air July 16th.

above: Dr. Montross being interviewed by a Gordon seventh grader about her work in 2017. She's been exceedingly generous with her time over the years, presenting her research to Middle Schoolers to set the stage for their study of American mass incarceration.

Congratulations to Christine Montross, mother of a Gordon seventh grader and a new Gordon graduate. 

Her book, Waiting for an Echo: The Madness of American Incarceration, was named one of sixteen books to watch for in July.

Close readers of the New York Times book section also noticed several mentions of Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days to Washington by Ted Widmer '76, as well as an Inside the List feature spotlighting Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, the educator, researcher and old friend of Gordon who sat on a recent panel with Head of School Noni Thomas López.


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