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The Gordon School

It began today

The Class of 2034 arrives on campus

Tomorrow is the first day of school.


Gordon's three-year-olds showed up today to explore the Nursery classroom.


The Nursery classroom was as crowded as it ever gets.


All of Nursery was there (except one friend), along with many parents, siblings and special guests. 


It was a busy morning.


There were big feelings.


Students struck out on their own.


Students made new connections.

Students worked hard.


Students played hard.

Students checked in with their parents all along the way.


These children will be in Nursery until June.


They'll be at Gordon until 2034.


It will be fun, and it will be demanding.


They'll take risks.


They'll work things out for themselves.

They'll team up and create together.


They'll make new friends.


Their parents will be behind them.

Their siblings will be by their sides.


They will find mentors.


All of that began today.


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