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Last weekend brought in a few more examples of how the creative spark lives on in Gordon alumni long after they leave Maxfield Avenue.

Congratulations to Amy Page DiBlasio '02, whose design work was chosen for the Saturday night grand finale of this year's StyleWeek Northeast.

In ABC6's profile, linked here, DiBlasio credits Gordon's art program as the spark for her passion for fashion. The project she described would likely have been in Ms. Dumville's seventh and eighth grade apparel design elective.

more on Amy's work

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And congratulations to Will Hunt '99, whose first book, "Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet," has made huge splash since it was published in late January.

The New York Times review from Friday promises that Will's book will change the way you think about the world around you. Sounds like a Gordon student at work!

Will Hunt '99 online

The New York Times's review of Underground


Finally, best of luck to Olivia Kelton '17, who is in the Providence Country Day production of D.W. Gregory's Salvation Road, opening this weekend. Rumor is that Addison Ginn '18 is working tech for the show!

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