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The Gordon School

Introducing the Class of 2023

Gordon's newest crop of courageous leaders and compassionate learners

Update: hundreds of photos by Janet Moscarello are now online on Gordon's Flickr page

Gordon's Commencement celebrates students the same way Gordon educates them: child by child, with equal attention to their hearts and their minds. 

Each graduate is honored with a diploma that includes a quote chosen especially for them by the faculty. Their advisors read the quotes for the audience, and their introductory remarks are personal, heartfelt and deeply moving.

Last night, Gordon honored its newest alumni, who are now unleashed on the world as Gordon's next crop of courageous and compassionate changemakers:

Violet Abedon Pollock
Shawn Badre
Marcus Kader Barakzai
Amelia Belay
Noah Benitez Longo
Celia Kathleen Bodurtha
Isaiah Borak-Webb
August Brown
Emma Carson
Lucia Simone Caserta
Rachel Metz Connolly
Samantha Dougherty Rogers
Louisa Grace Wanjiku Marguerite Flynn
Gabriel Ginn
Phineas Hawkeye Tucker Glatt
Caroline Hewitt
Onyx Highsmith
Francisco Holstein de Alba
Katelyn Laniah Horton
Alex Iadonisi
Julia Laznik
Ida Marcus
Zinnia Marcus
Collin Mburu
Josiah Nyahkoon
Jake Piechocki
Pilar Ramirez
Felix Rodriguez
Cormac Sax
Ayler Smith
Phoebe Smith
King Kuwon Tiah
Caroline Sofia Torgan
Zahra Townsend
Rayden Tran
Cian Wood

Their diplomas had quotes from activists, authors, thinkers, leaders and artists including:

Lynda Blackmon Lowery
Bertrand Russell
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Lin-Manuel Miranda
James Baldwin 
Ursula K. LeGuin 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Barack Obama
Paula Radcliffe
Martha Graham
Michelle Obama
Zora Neale Hurston
Golda Meir 
Theodore von Karman
Marilyn vos Savant
Octavia Butler
Neil Gaiman
Joseph Bruchac
Arthur Ashe
Rita Mae Brown
Barbara Kingsolver
Taylor Swift
Chadwick Boseman 
Kobe Bryant
Thomas Aquinas
Twyla Tharp
Norman Vincent Peale
R.J. Palacio
Theodore Levitt
Brandi Carlile
Bill Russell
Tina Fey
Glennon Doyle
Sheryl Swoopes
Kwame Alexander

Beginning in 2020, Gordon has been livestreaming Commencement so that the entire Gordon community can join in the celebration. The recording is embedded below.

0:12:25 Procession begins
0:15:55 Middle School Director Gabe Burnstein
0:20:30 Head of School Noni Thomas López
0:34:25 Andrew Binder '13
0:52:10 Ida Marcus '23, Student Leadership Co-President
0:56:40 Louisa Flynn '23, Student Leadership Co-President
1:06:20 Presentation of diplomas

If the embedded video above does not work for you, try the direct link

Hundreds of photos by Janet Moscarello are now online on Gordon's Flickr page

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