International climate activism comes to Gordon

photos: Dozens of Gordon students participated in the 2019 Climate Strike in downtown Providence. More on this event, and how Gordon supported the students involved.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, Gordon will bring local schools and guest speakers to campus for a day of learning and planning centered on the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement. 

It will be the eighteenth symposium organized through Beyond COP21, a global organization dedicated to involving young people in the work of meeting the Paris Agreement's ambitious goals.



The Gordon symposium will be the first one held in the United States.

Past symposiums have been held in the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Kenya, Ghana and Jordan, with partners that have included, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots UK, and the Climate Action Project.



The partnership with Gordon sprang out of the work of Gordon's Sustainability Working Group last spring.

When Head of School Noni Thomas López met Peter Milne, the force behind the Beyond COP21 Symposium series, she immediately recognized the connection between his work and the goals of Gordon's strategic vision, A More Just and Sustainable World.



The symposium will bring together Gordon students and students from local public and independent schools for a day-long event designed to build tomorrow’s responsible citizens and forward the UN’s Education for Sustainable Development philosophy.

While the event is designed for middle school students, Earth Week 2021 will present an incredible opportunity to engage students and families from all corners of Gordon in this work, as well as the broader Rhode Island community.



Planning is underway for this event, and guest speakers and community partners will be announced at as they are announced. 


"COP21" is an abbreviation for "the 21st Conference of the Parties," the official name for the United Nations' climate change conference held in Paris in 2015 which produced the Paris Climate Agreement ratified in 2016.

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