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Homecoming champions

above: new lacrosse champions Kari Buonanno ‘15, left, and Meredith Langmuir ‘15, right, in fifth grade, with classmate Ellie Hamilton '15, at the beginning of their lacrosse career at Gordon

One hundred and fifty high-school-age alumni have been invited to the Young Alumni Reunion, Saturday 5pm to 7pm.

The invitees include...

Kari Buonanno ‘15 and Meredith Langmuir ‘15, who scored twelve of Moses Brown's twenty-four goals when their Girls Lacrosse team won the Division I State Title on Sunday. 

Caroline Powell '18, Chachi Matouk '18 and Claire Fay '18 were also on that championship team.

Sophie Grosswendt '16 and Megan Donahue '16 may need to leave reunion early; they are in the band for the Wilbury Theater's production of Fun Home, which just had its run extended an extra week.

Arlo Robbins '18 also has a busy night Saturday - he's performing at PVDFest Saturday night at 7pm, right after the reunion ends.

Lydia Grosswendt '16, Annika Istok '16 and Allison Iwatake '16 may also need to take off early; they're part of the cast of Sisters on the Ground, being produced at the Lincoln School Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

Also, if you see Wyatt Harrington '18 on Saturday, ask him about "the unintended results of confidence"

Details and RSVP information for Saturday's Young Alumni Reunion are at


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