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The Gordon School

Happy one hundredth day

A celebration of math and patience in Gordon's younger grades

All year, every day, Kindergarten and first grade classes have added one to their totals as they counted each day of school. 

They’ve been thinking about ones, tens, and place values each morning, and their one hundreds columns have been empty.

Until today.

Happy one hundredth day of school! It’s a milestone in the school year, and in Gordon’s mathematicians' understanding of counting, tallying, persistence, prediction, and numbers of great size.

As they contemplate one hundred today, they’ll pull apart one hundred into fifties, twenties, twos and tens, laying the foundations for multiplication and division lessons in the year ahead.


Preschool and Nursery haven’t been tallying all year, but they got a preview of one hundred fever with their own counting and number-writing projects today.

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