Happy October 24th

A parade erupted spontaneously in Kindergarten red group today.


Several choice-time projects just kind of came together.


As it took shape, a child-driven interdisciplinary lesson unfolded.


Astronomy came into play with the solar headband.


Black holes went onto bracelets.


Stars went on a flag.


Vexillology is the study of flags.


When does a decorated rectangle become a flag?


Can flags have words on them?


Do they need to have something on both sides?


Geometry is the study of shapes.


Hexagons, rectangles, triangles and cones were all discussed.


When all the tape was finally used, the tape roll became a traceable circle.


The box for the replacement roll was determined to be a perfect square.


Engineering questions popped up in every corner of the room.


The paper cones turned out to be surprisingly sturdy flagpoles.


The tape held up.


Several test runs were conducted.


All the while, students were pushing their basic literacy skills.


Before students headed out for morning recess, there was a thoughtful, but not contentious, lesson in political science.


Does every parade need a leader?


Can leaders take turns?


If a parade doesn't have a leader, what does that mean for the marchers?


If you didn't help make the parade, can you still march in it?


Votes were held using hand signals.


Consensus was reached: it would be a peaceful march, in support of tigers.


Students without flags would make music.


No route was established.


Leadership was shared graciously.


Marchers were safe and respectful.


The Preschool, Nursery and Young Kindergarten students were awestruck.


Slowly, gently, the younger students were drawn into the fun.


They even began to take over.


By the end of recess, conversations about flags, engineering, shapes, words and leadership had taken hold among the three- and four-year-olds.





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