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The Gordon School

Happy first day

On-campus classes resume as the new school year begins.

It was good to be outside.


It was good to be on campus


It was good to be together again.


It was an all-weather kind of day.


Students arrived prepared.


There were first day jitters, of course.


But there were many other things to keep young minds busy.


Nursery students explored the boundaries of their new world.


New Lower School students plumbed the depths of the pond.


Kindergarteners discovered insect cities.


They retraced paths they learned last year.


They found artifacts from Kindergartens past.


Fourth graders played get-to-know-you games.


Their Gordon@Home classmates Zoomed in.


There were many prompts to help students think about their personal space.


Students picked up on the hints pretty quickly.


First graders invented the socially distanced game of Air Tag.


Young Kindergarten met some hermit crabs.


Middle School students connected by interviewing one another...


...making guesses about each other...


...and debating appropriate responses to unlikely scenarios of zombie apocalypse together.


Masks came off, and face shields went on, for snack and meal time.


Face shields in the youngest grades are quite fashion-forward, with built-in hats.


Older students kept pace by personalizing theirs.


New habits were introduced.


New tools were explored.


Students started to remember how to be together.


They connected, even over the distance.


There was plenty of room for everyone. 

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