Gordon's campus gets its closeup

Providence artist Dave Allyn is this year's Britt Nelson Visiting Artist.


Since April, he has been walking students through the process of making one of his trademark ceramics projects, which include silkscreened images celebrating local architecture.


For his demonstration project, he's making a platter with a full color image of the Gordon School.


This is the perfect choice for a time when students are missing their school.


It's also in keeping with Allyn's practice of honoring local landmarks; the distinctive design of Gordon's facility has a history, and reputation, all its own.


In this week's lesson, Dave finally applies the ink to the wet clay of the platter.


The result is a preview of the final image - stay tuned for the final glaze and firing!

All the lessons to date - some aimed for older students, others for younger ones - are at www.gordonschool.org/visitingartist

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