Gordonians in the spotlight

Yes, that is Assi Coulibaly '08 featured in the Haus of Glitter's "Historical Fantasy of Esek Hopkins," which debuts September 9th as the culmination of the collective's "historical intervention" which had them living in the the former home of Esek Hopkins through the the City of Providence’s two-year PARKIST Artist Residency. Assi is one of five founding members of the five-person Glitter Goddess Collective, a queer, feminist performance group led by Black and indigenous people and people of color. 


Yes, that was Amelia Spalter '13 (above) profiled on Brown University's Instagram last week. It was part of "Emerging Victorious," a series they did on Brown undergraduates who found ways to thrive creatively and academically during the pandemic.


Yes, that was Rachael Romain '16 keeping the pressure on at Clark University's field hockey home opener yesterday. She had an assist and two strong shots on goal as the Cougars had a heartbreaking loss in double overtime; the photo above is from earlier in her career, when she was a Gordon eighth grader, with Olivia Kelton '16 (left), and Coach Blake Fisher and Hattie Keene-Reinhard '13 (right).


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