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Gordonians in the arts

above: The G-Notes, Gordon's Middle School a cappella group, will be be singing at the November 30th performance of Trinity Rep's A Christmas Carol. Trinity Rep's Rebecca Noon gave the context for this partnership on Trinity's blog.

Gordon alumni were central to the success of three shows that went up at area independent day schools this weekend. 

The Lincoln School production was She Kills Monsters, by Qui Nguyen, who also wrote Begets, produced at Gordon last spring; lead roles went to Katie Chambers '16, Alison Iwatake '16, Lydia Grosswendt '16 and Sophie Grosswendt '16. The Wheeler School staged Neil Simon's Rumors, with Gid Parker '15. 

Gordon graduates made up one quarter of the casts in Moses Brown's productions of Romeo and Juliet and Sarah Delappe's The Wolves, with Charlie Callahan '17, Kavi Mongia-Gasper '18, Vivian Miller '18, Dylan Bean '18, Ursula Talbot '18, Nate Kelton '17, Tamar Wolfson '16, Gianna Paratore '16 and Emma Platt '18. Each of those students had, of course, first read Romeo and Juliet in Gordon's eighth grade.

In other news...

Sixth grade parent and poet Mary-Kim Arnold had one of her poems shared as "Poem of the day" on last weekend.

Seventh grade parent and photographer Mary Beth Meehan had her first book published earlier this month. Seeing Silicon Valley is the result of an extended visit to California, documenting the otherwise-unseen populations living among the tech millionaires.

Early Childhood grandparent Matt Fraza adapted A Christmas Carol for a production by the Contemporary Theater Company in Wakefield, and he's playing the role fo Scrooge as well. Meanwhile, Lower School parent and actor Mauro Hantman is Jacob Marley in Trinity Rep's production in Providence.

Will Short '14 sang at Brown University last night, as part of Colby College's all-male a cappella group, The Colby Eight. In a note to Gordon's Susan Hodgin, he wrote "I want to thank you for supporting and pushing me musically. Singing remains a fun and valuable part of my life and I would be a different person without it."

Toria Rainey '10 is singing a cappella, too, and her four-person group, Birdland Avenue, has just released their first album. The all-original album includes a song of Toria's, and is on iTunes and Spotify.

Assistant to the Head of School Clare Blackmer is one of the leads in the Burbage Theatre Company's production of Moliere's The Hypochondriac, running through December 2nd.

Kindergarten teacher Julie Parsons will have three small bronze sculptures in a group show that opens December 7th at Calico Gallery in Brooklyn New York.

The seventh graders who have work in a show in Washington DC continue to attract attention, in venues ranging from the Art Museum Directors' twitter feed to the Providence Journal. Look for mentions in the Cranston Herald and the Barrington Times soon.


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