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Gordon shines at math competition once again

A schoolwide investment in math instruction continues to pay off

Gordon’s math team was once again in the top three as Rhode Island’s middle school MathCounts community came together for the state championships.

Gordon took second place in the team competition today, and fourth place in the individual competition, and will have a team member included in the state team that Rhode Island sends to the nationals.

This was the eighth consecutive competition where Gordon was in the first three places in the statewide team rankings. Gordon's teams also have historically stood out at the competition by having a strong gender balance, and this year's team was no exception.

Gordon has fielded a Math Counts team every year since 2004. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders qualify for the team through a challenging written test given every January.

In 2012, Gordon implemented a new math curriculum, Math in Focus, and hired Eric Kravitz as the schoolwide math specialist. 

“When this year’s team members were in Gordon’s Nursery, Gordon made a longterm investment in inclusive and demanding math instruction that engages and challenges every student,” explains Head of School Noni Thomas López. “The success of this team, and its gender balance, confirm that an inclusive program can bring out the best in every learner.”

Since 2015, Gordon’s performance has been as follows:

2015  Third place for team, third and fifth place individual
2016  First place for team, first place individual
2017  Third place for team, second place individual
2018  First place for team, first and third place individual
2019  First place for team, first and fifth place individual
2020  First place for team, first and fifth place individual
2022  Second place for team, fourth place individual
2023  Second place for team, fourth place individual

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