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Middle School visits Superior Court, RISD Museum

Sixth and seventh grades were both in downtown Providence this morning, for two different field trips to two important institutions.

Sixth graders were at the RISD Museum doing factfinding for an extended lesson in impressionism and poetry. They observed a series of artworks and created written and drawn responses to them. This work will lead to an extended poem and a final, more finished artwork. 

This curriculum was developed by Gordon in 2016 and, in 2018, RISD chose work that five students produced for this assignment to hang in the US Department of Education’s offices in Washington, DC. More on that here.


Seventh grade was across the river at the US District Court, spending the morning with US District Court Chief Judge (and alumni parent) John J. McConnell Jr (above). Students toured the space, observed a hearing and ran into Judge Lara E. Montecalvo, Gordon Class of 1988, and Middle School parent (and U.S. Attorney for the District of Rhode Island) Zach Cunha. 

In 2021, Judge McConnell had a lively Zoom conversation with the Gordon community, facilitated by Dr. Thomas López; that talk is here.

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