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Gordon graduates in the top ten


Gordon is proud to have over one hundred and twenty-five graduates attending the top ten public and private high schools in Rhode Island, as ranked in a report based on data from That tally represents 80% of Gordon's graduates over the past four years.

Gordon also has eight graduates at four of the top ten Massachusetts schools, as well as schools in Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. 

Gordon itself was not eligible for Niche's rankings, nor was the Henry Barnard School, Community Prep, Sophia Academy or any other non-public school that ends before twelfth grade. In a statement, explained: ' currently does not rank or grade K-8 private schools because our methodology for grades and rankings of public schools, private high schools and private K-12 relies heavily on factors that do not work for K-8 private schools (i.e., SAT/ACT scores, which colleges graduates attend, etc.).'

Gordon's nursery to eighth grade structure provides a stellar foundation for high school success, and a careful placement process helps set up every student for success no matter what school they choose. The process is careful and child-centered; last year's graduating class of forty-seven went on to sixteen different schools.

More on Gordon's high school placement, and the schools graduates attend, at

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