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Gordon at the Global Climate Strike

On Friday, Providence youth led a march and rally in recognition of the Global Climate Strike.



Two Gordon eighth graders had written a passionate letter explaining why they wanted to attend, and asking for the school's support.


Gordon sent them, and eighteen other seventh and eighth graders, to represent the school.


Gordon's cohort was drawn from the Sustainability in Action elective, and chaperoned by science faculty.


A few dozen other Gordon students found their way downtown, too, with parents and caregivers.


A wide range of ages were represented in the Gordon crew.


Gordon alumni at the march included dozens of high school students…


...and high school teachers, including Assi Coulibaly '08, who was leading a group from the Trinity Academy of Performing Arts.



All week long, younger students had been finding ways to support the Gordon marchers.


On the day of the strike, parallel lessons were happening in Gordon classrooms.


Seventh and eighth graders knew how to amplify their message by talking to the media.


A group of Gordon fourth graders got press attention as well.


Along the way, the students showed a great grasp of the issues involved in climate change. 


But the most powerful part of the whole process has been watching these students advocate for what they believe in…


 ...seeing them mobilize to support one another


...and having them connect with their peers, in the streets and online, and understand that they are part of something much bigger than their school, their state, and their nation.

A donor was moved to dedicate an extraordinary gift to the students who participated in Friday's strike. Learn more.

The conversation continues, too; the students of the Sustainability in Action elective will present their reflections, and their ideas for sustained action, at next Tuesday's Middle School assembly.

More photos from the day are on Gordon's Flickr page

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