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The Gordon School

Good news from Gordon

On the day after election day, the work of the Gordon School continues. 

Dear Gordon Families,

Today, we are transitioning into a new chapter of a long and stressful story. It is a story that hit a dramatic climax last night as vote totals finally rolled in. It is a story that may not resolve any time soon.

I can't hope to address all the range of feelings you must be experiencing today. All I can do is give you some hopeful news: 

The work we've been doing with the children of the Gordon School is going well, and it will continue.

The core values that Lynn Bowman outlined two weeks ago, of honesty and integrity, compassion and courage, are being practiced every day, in Gordon's playgrounds and playing fields, classrooms, and online spaces. That will continue today.

Your children have been feeling the stress and anxiety of this election, and as I promised you last week, their teachers have been helping them process their emotions and channel their energy to work for change, showing them how their actions and choices can have an impact on the world. That will continue today. 

In Nursery, students voted to choose a storytime book. In fourth grade, your children talked about what they might do first if they were elected president. In eighth grade, the classes discussed race, immigration and national leadership - in the late 19th century and today. More examples are at All of these lessons were designed to help your children understand their place in our democracy, and they dove in deeply, intelligently, and joyfully. You'd be proud of them.

Gordon teachers gave your children age-appropriate ways to engage with the election yesterday.

Gordon teachers will find age-appropriate ways to engage with your children in the days to come.

And for all of Gordon's students, the energy of this week will become fuel they'll use on their own leadership journeys.

Take care of yourselves today. Your children are in good hands.

Take care,


More on Gordon's response to the election season at

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