Gators save the penguins

above: third graders helped Mystic Aquarium's Lydia Shell pack up the coins they helped collect

Gordon was the top fundraiser in Rhode Island in this year's Pennies for Penguins project sponsored by the Mystic Aquarium.


Gordon's efforts on behalf of the African Penguin were spearheaded by the third grade and assisted by the library, science and art departments. This cross-curricular effort sprouted from Nursery's study of penguins and their partnership with their third-grade buddy classes. The funds will support the Mystic Aquarium's work in preserving the habitat of the African Penguin.

The best part?

As an acknowledgment of being the top fundraiser in the state of Rhode Island, Mystic Aquarium animal specialists will be visiting Gordon in May with a live penguin. 

Thanks to students and families for participating in this important project,  and a special thanks to wonderful Joukowsky Family Library volunteer, faculty parent, and alumni grandparent, Eleanor Earle, who worked with us on this endeavor.  

Detail on the penguin's visit will follow.


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