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above: some of the titles in the latest reading list to come out of Gordon's library - link

In past years, when Gordon hosted a speaker on campus, the librarian would select a cartload of books from the collection that related to the subject at hand.

Parents could browse through the cart after the presentation, and bring home books to share with their families and help connect everyone with what they had learned.

As Gordon re-imagines these events for the Zoom era, Ms. Martindale has began assembling electronic bibliographies to browse online.

Her selections for the conversation with Sarah Blythe of the RISD Museum and Dave Allyn, Gordon's Britt Nelson Visiting Artist, are here. These all books are all part of Gordon's collection, and instructions on how to check them out are at

The video of the conversation is at, along with video from Dave Allyn's work with students this spring and archived videos of earlier Coffees with Claire.


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