Field Day begins

In order to make safe use of the fields this year, Field Day has been split into three days.


This morning was Early Childhood's turn.


There was field hockey.


There was track and field.


There was gymnastics.


There was treasure to be found.


Along the way, students got to practice their counting.


They reviewed their colors.


They used their teamwork.


They cheered each other on.


It was a lot of fun.


It was hard work.


Just like every other day on Gordon's campus.


Everyone got some sun.


Everyone got their turn in the shade.


Thanks to the GCA, everyone ended up with some Del's.


Today's Field Day was not the last event of the year.


But it was the beginning of the end.


It's been a big year for all of these students.


Their Gordon adventures have just begun.

Dozens more photos from today.


And while they played, some other new adventures were just beginning. 


This year's nest of chicks was hatching in Ms. Fraza's office, one part of a festival of new life across campus - wild and tame - that includes praying mantises, tadpoles, caterpillars and bunnies, as well as the ospreys that Nursery has been following via webcam.

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