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Field Day 2023

Fun, together, outdoors: Gordon's most enduring tradition

Field Day is Gordon’s most enduring tradition. Every grade was out celebrating today, with relays, obstacle courses, jewel hunts, kickball, parachute dances and more.

Gordon's youngest students already know these hills and bushes by heart, but they were looking at them with new eyes during the annual Early Childhood Field Day gem hunt.

A new one for the Lower School Field Day races: the wet sponge relay! There’s always room for innovation, even in Gordon’s oldest tradition.

This footage of The Big Pink Ball Game was requested by the International Olympic Committee as they review contenders for new summer sports.


After a decisive win against the eighth grade, the faculty and staff graciously agreed to switch directions and have a rematch.

The rematch was an equally decisive win… this time, for the students.

What does it mean? Is there truth to the rumor that the field is tilted? Were the students inspired by adversity? Had Gordon’s adults simply given all they had to give this week? All of the above? We may never know.

Zillions of additional photos are online at Gordon’s Flickr page.

Thanks to the PE team for coordinating the day, and to all the adults who were on the fields officiating and cheering on the students.

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