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The Gordon School

Family photo

Introducing the Gordon School, September 2022

This morning, the Gordon community gathered for a family photo.

There were representatives from thirty-two towns across Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

There were three-year-olds and young teenagers.

There were brand new Gordon students and twelve-year veterans.

There were proud members of sports leagues, dojos and dance troupes. 

There were big sisters, baby brothers and only children.

There were uncles, cousins, twins, nephews and nieces.

There were lefties and righties, meat-lovers and vegetarians. There were Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. There were late sleepers and early risers.

There were Aanikas and Abbys and Ables and Adas and Adáns and Adrianas and Ainsleys and Aiyanas and Akwasis and Alexs and Alexanders and Arlos and Axes and Alexandras and Amayas and Amelias and Amons and Annas and Annabelles and Anthonys and Antonios and Arahs and Arjans and Arrows and Arthurs and Augusts and Avas and Avalynns and Averys and Axels and Aylas and Aylers and Bellas and Bens and Bennys and Benjamins and Birdies and Blakes and Bleeckers and Bodens and Brodys and Cadens and Calums and Cammys and Camilas and Camryns and Carolines and Carters and Caryses and Cecis and Celestes and Celias and Charlies and Charlottes and Cians and Claires and Coles and Colettes and Collins and Coltranes and Coras and Cormacs and Cristians and Dahlias and Daisys and Damons and Danes and Danis and Dantes and Dashess and DiDis and Dawsons and Declans and Delias and Desmonds and Dhruvas and Duncans and Eamons and Edies and Elans and Eleanors and Elianas and Eliases and Elises and Elsas and Emerys and Emilias and Emilys and Emmas and Esmes and Ethans and Ettas and Evans and Evelyns and Everetts and Ezras and Felixs and Finns and Fionns and Franceses and Frannys and Gabriels and Gabis and Georges and Graces and Grays and Gryers and Hannahs and Harpers and Harrises and Henrys and Holdens and Idas and Irises and Isabellas and Isaiahs and Islas and Jacks and Jacksons and Jakes and Jameses and Jamies and Janes and Jasons and Jems and Jillians and Joaquins and Johans and Jonahs and Jonathans and Jordans and Jordyns and Joshuas and Josiahs and Judes and Julias and Julians and Juliets and Juliettes and Kais and Katies and Kikos and Kileys and Kings and Kips and Kirins and Kristins and Kyles and Lachlans and Langstons and Laurels and Laylas and Leos and Leolas and Levs and Levis and Liams and Libbys and Lilahs and Lilis and Lilians and Lillians and Lings and Lizzys and Lolas and Louisas and Lowells and Lucases and Lucias and Lucys and Lukases and Lunas and Maëlles and Macs and Madelines and Madelyns and Maeves and Marcuses and Margots and Mariamas and Marlowes and Marquesas and Matildas and Matteos and Maxes and Mayas and McKennas and McKenzies and Meeras and Mihirs and Mikas and Mileses and Milos and Minas and Miriams and Monicas and Morgans and Moseses and Nailas and Natalias and Natashas and Nehemiahs and Nicholases and Nicos and Nikhilas and Nikolasess and Nikous and Ninas and Noahs and Noras and Olivers and Olivias and Orlaghs and Ozzys and Owens and Paiges and Pemas and Jacks and Petras and Fins and Phoebes and Phoenyxs and Pilars and Pippas and Poppys and Quinns and Rachels and Raydens and Reeses and Remys and Rileys and Robins and Rohans and Rorys and Rosalies and Roses and Rosies and Rowans and Rumis and Ryans and Sörens and Sams and Samanthas and Samuels and Sammmys and Sanais and Santiagos and Saoirses and Sawyers and Sebastians and Shawns and Skys and Smokeys and Sofis and Sols and Soleils and Sophias and Sophies and Sorens and Stellas and Stevens and Stigs and Stuarts and Su'anus and Suhas and Summers and Sunnys and Sydneys and Sylvies and Tallulahs and Terrences and Thalias and Theos and Theodores and Thomases and Thunders and Tianas and Troys and Veras and Victorias and Vielas and Vikrams and Vincents and Violets and Voltaires and Wallys and Warners and Warrens and Wesleys and Willas and Williams and Wylyes and Zachs and Zackerys and Zahras and Zauls and Zias and Zinnias and Zoës.

Over the next nine months, they'll be learning and playing together, supporting and caring for one another, and pursuing a shared mission of making the world a better place.

Thanks to the families who have shared them with us this year (and to the parents and caregivers who got them to school on time for the photo this morning).

A high resolution file of this photo is on Gordon's Flickr site

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