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The Gordon School

Family Dance Day returns

Family Dance Day, and Dancing Classrooms, has returned to Gordon. And Family Dance Day with Rupa Datta is coming soon!

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February's Family Dance Day brought together learners of all ages.

They danced the merengue.

They danced swing.

They danced the tango.

The morning was led by Rodney López, who will be bringing the Dancing Classrooms curriculum into fifth grade classrooms later this month.

During the ten-week program, students will learn dance steps and the cultural history of the merengue, fox trot, rumba, tango, swing, and waltz.

Dancing Classrooms also uses the conventions of ballroom dance to build social skills and strengthen the sense of community among all participants.

Judging by Saturday's Dance Day, it does all of that and more.

The next Family Dance Day will be March 7th at 11am, with Rupa Datta and a book launch with Christine Chitnis.


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