Facing uncertainty together

Welcome to the new normal.

On the first day of the Online Learning Community, Dr. Thomas López convened the eighth grade to talk through these last ten weeks of their final year at Gordon.

The school is committed to finding creative ways to make these days special for them.

The students, for their part, committed to staying positive and collaborating with their advisors and the school's leadership.

A few decisions were made:

No matter what, the Class of 2020 will be honored with a Commencement ceremony.

The April 17th Open Mic will happen, virtually, as a first test case for what it will be like to reimagine some of the Gordon experience for the online space.

Other conversations were just beginning:

What might happen with service learning?

Will eighth graders still find ways to volunteer around the school in "Gordon Gives"?

Can the faculty vs. eighth grade basketball game become an online competition?

How can we get started on the spring musical?

With good humor and determination, the eighth graders resolved to be OK with uncertainty for today.

This may not be the eighth grade spring they wanted, but they're glad they're going to do it together.

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