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The Gordon School

Does your Congressman have a sense of humor?

The fifth and sixth grade newspaper team fearlessly finds out

This year’s fifth and sixth grade newspaper has included a question of the week column.

Designed to be an inclusive, all-ages project, questions have ranged from the simple—Bananas or popsicles?—to more abstract stumpers like Is cereal soup?

When Gordon’s Congressional delegation came to campus to speak at the Beyond COP21 Symposium, the question of the week team was there to greet them, offering the lawmakers a low-stakes press opportunity before a day of hard work and serious discussion.


The result? The legislators went on the record, for the first time, on sensitive topics like Cats or dogs? and Is a hot dog a sandwich?


Here, then, is the fifth and sixth graders’ write up, as printed in the November 1st edition:


Question of the week: famous edition

On Thursday October 27th, we had the privilege to speak to Senator Whitehouse and Congressman Cicilline and Senator Reed to hear their opinion on some of the questions of the week! 

It was really nice to hear what they have to say and we got some great answers. Now here’s the thing, Question of the Week Famous Edition is a little bit different. Each famous people vote equals to two votes so at the end we will add up previous votes with the Senators and Congressman to see which questions will change their majority votes.

The three questions that we asked were:

Is it cereal soup?
Cats or dogs? 
Are hot dogs sandwiches?

The first person we interviewed was Senator Whitehouse. The first question we asked him was: Are hot dogs sandwiches? His answer was yes, because it’s bread, filling and another piece of bread (in this case just another side of the bread).

The next question we asked was: Cats or dogs? His answer was 100% dogs because he just believes dogs are better than cats.

The next person we interviewed was Congressman Cicilline. The first question we asked was, again: Is a hot dog a sandwich? He said yes because, for the same reason, it’s meat sandwiched by two pieces of bread.

The next question was: Cats or dogs? He said dogs. Wow, a lot of dog lovers.

Third, we asked Senator Reed what he thought were better, dogs or cats? Once again, his answer was dogs. He felt like he had to because his daughter has a labradoodle. Next we asked him: Is cereal soup? He has his answer right away: no. He said it is because most of the time soup is warm and doesn’t have sugar. Good point!

We got six votes for dogs, four votes for hot dog sandwiches and two votes for cereal is not soup. Which means for all of those questions the majority votes stay the same.

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