Do try this at home

In the Online Learning Community, science classes have been full of opportunities for off-screen adventures.


Early Childhood students have been using the great outdoors as science labs, digging for insects and observing oothecas.


Fourth graders asked Ms. Ketner for some kitchen chemistry projects, and she set them off exploring emulsions and emulsifiers.


And in this seventh grader's workshop, glass jars are set up as part of a Rube Goldberg machine for a science assignment.

Also on display: newspapers and cardboard materials for a mask making and puppetry elective, and the music studio where he created the soundtrack for last week's Grandfriend's Day video.


Speaking of Rube Goldberg machines: this fourth grader drew on his love of engineering, and his sense of humor, for this delightful video he made for his classmates.

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