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The Gordon School

Defiant, daring and proud in Middle School

There were well over one hundred and fifty people in the room as the first No Fear Friday Middle School open mic began.


The program opened, appropriately, with a defiant solo saxophone rendition of Frank Sinatra's My Way


This event, now in its fourth year, is 100% student-run, from the sign ups and the tech to the hosting and performing.


Which is not to say that faculty are not welcome to join in as special guest stars.


Even with a house packed with their peers, Gordon students are not afraid to take risks. 


Fifteen minutes into this year’s first Middle School open mic, the audience had already seen solo saxophone, vogueing, a ukulele duet, a cappella singing and improvised puppet theater. 


Over the years, the Middle School open mic has gained a loyal following among Lower School students. 


Some of Friday’s performers had been looking forward to this chance since they were in second grade.


It takes a special fifth grader to deadpan his way through five rookie magic tricks, only to fake out the unsuspecting crowd by pulling off a genuinely shocking finish for the sixth.


It takes a special school to sustain that kind of confidence in a middle school student. 


many more photos, and a few videos, on Gordon's Flickr site

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