Day three of the 2021 Civil Rights Trip

Next time you see a member of the Class of 2021, ask them about the Civil Rights Trip.


Ask them who was in their family group.


Ask them how they like southern cooking.


Ask them why prison reform is the next step in undoing the damage done by slavery.


Ask them about primary sources vs. secondary sources.


Ask them why someone might choose to attend a historically black college or university.


Ask them about the competing histories on display in the Alabama state capitol.


Ask them if the story of history is always told by the victors.


Ask them who benefited financially from lynchings and mob violence.


Ask them about Jim Crow, side entrances, segregated hospitals and ice cream at the lunch counter.


Ask them about the hotel pool.


Ask them if there were any American flags in the Selma cemetery.


Ask them if they met the new humanities teacher.


Ask them if they made any promises to Ms. Bland in Selma.


Ask them how they are going to deliver on those promises.


Ask them about what they want to remember most about this trip.


Ask them how they'll explain this trip to the people they meet in high school.


Ask them who Jimmie Lee Jackson, Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb were.


Ask them if there is someone they want to thank.


Ask them what they want to do differently after this trip.


Ask them for their plan of action.

photos from the King Memorial in Atlanta


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and bowling and arcades in downtown Atlanta

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