Data-driven solutions from fifth grade

ABC6 was on campus today to see how fifth graders are using data, and hard work, to make a positive change for their school community.


This fall, many classes (and lunch periods) have been outside. It's been fun, it's been safe, and... it's caused a spike in litter.


Fifth graders have been collecting the litter across campus for the past four weeks. But this is not your average campus cleanup. They're using iPads and the app Litterati to document and map what they've found.


By collecting data about what trash is ending up where and analyzing the data, they're to make recommendations throughout the litter “system” - from how to pack a lunch box to where trash cans should be placed.


It's a data-driven, systemic approach to an environmental problem that's impacting the whole campus. They'll have their recommendations in the next ten days.


ABC6's coverage aired today, Friday the 6th, in the 5:30 newscast.



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