Dancing with the stars

Seventh graders just finished five weeks of dance instruction, their first arts lesson of the year.

The unit was led by Rodney López, who first worked with these students two years ago when he led them through the Dancing Classrooms curriculum.

With Rodney López, dancing is always more than just learning a move. It's about confidence, social skills and teambuilding.

They'll need all those skills in their next arts unit.

For the next seven weeks, they'll be studying filmmaking with Rebecca Hofherr

Hofherr is a film and TV professional with CBS, ABC, Netflix and HBO on her resume.

They will set a vision, write a treatment, create a script, design and produce simple backdrops, scout locations on campus, make shooting boards with photographs, design and create simple props and costumes, and cast, rehearse, film, edit, and share short movies.

Mr. López has already helped these students feel like stars.

Now Hofherr will be helping them shine.


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