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Eighth grade Spanish plays with identity and with verb tense

The “of course” video is trending on Tik Tok, as a way to talk about identity.

Eighth grade Spanish made their own “of course” videos this winter. Their scripts needed to showcase eight different verb tenses.

The assignment stretched their vocabularies, and it also tested their senses of humor.

“Of course” videos make fun of identities, but with love. That’s hard enough to pull off en inglés.

These eighth graders, these set crew members, these Rhode Islanders, these Spanish students all hit the mark en el presente, el presente progresivo, el futuro simple, el pretérito, el imperfecto, el presente perfecto, el condicional, y con los verbos irregulares gustar, encantar y fastidiar.

- - - 

Every Gordon student studies Spanish, at every grade level. Monday is a special day in Gordon’s Middle School Spanish program. As the fifth and sixth grade newspaper reports:

“Spanish immersion day is going to be happening in the Middle School on Monday, February 26th.

We are going to have two visiting educators, one who is a poet and a storyteller and another who is a dance instructor.

We are going to have different workshops in the morning where students will be rotating between workshops.

Spanish immersion day is a day to celebrate Spanish language and Hispanic culture and to build community.

In the morning we will start the day with a short meeting with some opening words from a poet. Then we’ll end the day with a short assembly to share reflections about the day and some performances from Gordon students.”

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