Bringing out their best

Progressive education draws on a child's own passions and strengths to bring out their best academic work.


When five-year-olds get to organize their own Thanksgiving dinner, they'll engage closely in every detail of the planning.


When they each get to create one personalized invitation, they'll use their finest handwriting.


When they get to choose who to invite, they will sound out every word with care.


When they know they'll be presenting these invitations in person, they'll give the design all the time it requires.


When they understand that the meal represents a way to express the gratitude they feel in their hearts, they'll stick with this project over ten days of lessons.


On Tuesday, Young Kindergarten began planning for a classroom Thanksgiving meal, scheduled for Thursday the 21st. 


The project draws on their weekly lunch buddies, and last year's successful Thanksgiving experiment. 


Meal planning involves basic sequencing skills, as well as math challenges familiar to any Thanksgiving host. 


Literacy skills will be required for every step, from the invitations to the placesettings. 


Teamwork and clear communication skills will be tested along the way, and a reflection on gratitude will be part of every day. 


Special guests will include a representative from Hope's Harvest, who will bring the apples for dessert, and the faculty and staff on the students' invitation list.

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