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The Gordon School

Because it is fun, and because we miss him

Hanging with Dr. Thomas López's houseguest


Kindergarten red group heard a rumor that Gordie the Gator was spending the quarantine with Dr. Thomas López.


They knew they had to know more.


Imagine their delight, then, when Gordie showed up this morning during their Zoom with Gordon's Head of School.


Noni's gotten to know Gordie well over these past two months, and she shared some of what she's learned with red group this morning.


The secret to connecting with Gordie, apparently, is that he is all about body language.


Mascots like Gordie need to connect with people over vast distances, across stadiums and arenas, so they don't really bother with talking.


Gordie doesn't even have fingers, so he can't explain how old he is!



Instead, he is all about big gestures: nods, shrugs, thumbs up, and his favorite activity, dancing.


So while Dr. Thomas López did most of the talking for their household...


Gordy was in his element leading the final morning meeting activity: the group stretch.


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