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The Gordon School

An extraordinary act of generosity

Introducing the MG Chace Family Fund for Economic Diversity

Dear Gordon Community,

I am delighted to announce a new major gift to the Gordon School that will establish an endowed fund serving students, and the school's mission, for perpetuity.

This spring, the Chace family made an extraordinarily generous commitment totaling $250,000 to establish the MG Chace Family Fund for Economic Diversity. 

The Chace family recognizes that, for Gordon's educational program to be successful, it must be conducted within a diverse learning community of students and adults. In 2017, Gordon moved beyond the traditional independent school financial aid model and created Family Individualized Tuition as a way to assure the economic diversity of the student body and to support each family's sense that they fully belong to the school community. 

This fund will support the Family Individualized Tuition system and provide an annual source of income that will help reduce the school's reliance on tuition revenue and support our efforts to make a Gordon education a reality for a greater swath of the Rhode Island community.

The Chace family's relationship with Gordon extends back to the school's founding; a Chace was in the school's first graduating class in 1917. Since then, dozens of family members have become part of the life of the school, as students, parents, grandfriends, volunteers and trustees. 

This gift is the newest chapter in a story of generosity that has been playing out at Gordon since the school was founded. It is a story that includes thousands of parents, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and extended family members. Over the next few days, the story will continue at, as this year's Gordon Fund approaches its closing on June 30th. Thanks to the Chace family, and to the volunteers and donors who each found their own ways to contribute to the school's mission and help this community thrive. I’m grateful that this story of generosity will never end.

With pride and appreciation,


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