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The Gordon School

"An amazing stunt to pull"

Newspaper becomes part of the life of the school

above: the sixth grade newspaper has a loyal readership in every grade, thanks to their thoughtful use of art, coloring pages, and other features aimed at all ages

Today, sixth graders went to classrooms across the school and delivered a special ten-page double issue of their weekly newspaper.

Since September, the team of sixth graders had met weekly to set the editorial agenda, and write, compile, illustrate, edit and distribute the paper. The layout has been handled by an adult advisor, but otherwise, the project has been 100% student-generated.

Sixth graders get new weekly Tuesday activities in January, so this is the final issue for this particular team. Here is their farewell and thank-you to readers:

This has been the last newspaper before winter break, and the sixth graders will be switching activities, so many of us might not be writing again. We’ve managed to write and print eleven issues over twelve weeks, and not twelve because we watched the sixth grade play. Still, we all feel that this was an amazing stunt to pull. The sixth grade newspaper team has worked incredibly hard to deliver this paper every week. We want to thank all of our readers for being such wonderful supporters. 

Some of our favorite parts of writing the paper have been…
The creativity of it
Just writing and passing out the papers
Loved being able to see the younger audiences excited for the weekly newspaper deliverers
Working with everyone
Walking around the school and seeing what people are doing
The energy that we brought every single week and the way we turned everything around super quickly (that was from Mr. Griffin)

Let us just say, that this has been an amazing experience. For all of us. 

above: proud, happy, and ready for break, this is the sixth grade newspaper team 

The newspaper also became a part of the life of the school, breaking news, making connections across grade levels, and helping the community process events like the death of the willows. Examples below:

September 21st: Student leaders give the inside story of the eighth grade campout

October 28th: Third grade, sixth grade and the Great Swamp Massacre

November 4th: Looking ahead after the willow trees come down

December 7th: Jetpack Girl, Taco Man and Baby Face Poison Ivy greet Kwame Mbalia and Eric Wilkerson

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