Amplifying their voices

Congratulations to these two soon-to-be eighth graders, who had essays chosen for use on the weekly This I Believe segment on The Public's Radio.

Their recordings will air on the next two Wednesdays, July 22nd and 29th.

Their statements of personal belief were written for humanities class, part of a seventh grade curriculum that demands a great of personal writing, including full-length novels from each student, and the poetry that they performed for friends and families at Wednesday's Night of Words.

We're proud of them all, and all of the students who find their voices while growing up at Gordon.

Gordon students have had their essays broadcast on This I Believe since 2011. This extended relationship between Gordon and Rhode Island's NPR station is documented at

Members of Gordon's extended family have also been featured in the segment. This spring, alumni parent Mike Stanton was on, telling the story of his late father-in-law's history of race and activism in North Carolina; it's linked here.

Meanwhile, Gordon parent Christine Montross was the guest today on NPR's national show Fresh Air.

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