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The Gordon School

Amplifying one another's voices

On Monday evening, Dr. Thomas López announced that twenty seventh and eighth graders would be representing Gordon at the Global Climate Strike on Friday.


On Tuesday morning, students began mobilizing. 


Fourth graders traced the path of the message about Friday's climate action.


It had begun with Greta Thunberg, who they'd read about in class.


It was amplified by two eighth graders, and shared by Dr. Thomas López.


Then, the fourth graders began adding their own voices to the conversation.


Their teachers had led a conversation about choosing their words carefully.


Signs require a particular economy of language.


Typography was mentioned.


Color theory was also considered.


Reference materials were employed.


Some of the earth renderings showed a keen attention to detail.


By Wednesday, the students had honed their messages and the posters were complete.


The fourth graders met with a pair of eighth graders to hand off their work.


A TV news crew was there to record the moment, and amplify the message even further.


These students may not all be present at the state house on Friday.


But their voices will be.

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