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Alumnus defines the undefinable

above: Wyatt Harrington '18 delivers his best-in-class Class IV Talk at Milton Academy, May 2019

"Many teens could tell you who is cool, or what is cool, but few could tell you why something is cool."

Wyatt Harrington '18 tackles this touchy topic in a five minute talk that his peers at Milton Academy voted one of the best of the year. First years at Milton give these five to seven minute "Class IV Talks" on a subject of their own choice, then vote on their favorites to be presented to the entire school. 

Wyatt's talk covers a lot of ground, sewing together the periodic table of the elements, Yoruba and Renaissance Italian, Tyler the Creator and a critique of consumerism. The video on Milton's website captures wit, poise and confidence that will be familiar to anyone who remembers Wyatt from his years at Gordon.

Any questions? Wyatt and one hundred and fifty other high-school-age alumni have all been invited to Saturday's Young Alumni Reunion. RSVP and details at


above: Wyatt standing out in the crowd at Gordon in 2008

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