Young alumna writes for the New York Times... again

above: Sophia Blythe '19 in Preschool, sharpening her critical gaze at the Gordon winter art show in 2009


The New York Times chose a review by Sophia Blythe '19 as a winner in their Sixth Annual Student Review Contest, one of eleven winners chosen from among 41,000 entries.

If this news sounds familiar, it is: Sophia has had something published by the New York Times every year since she was in Gordon's eighth grade.

This most recent piece was a review of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's recent fashion exhibit. True to her Gordon roots, Sophia considered the show in the context of the current historical moment, and the impact of high fashion on larger trends in consumerism and sustainability.

In a note to the school, Sophia "attributed this success to Gordon and especially Mr. Anderson for making me a critical writer and thinker." In response, her former eighth grade humanities teacher made the connection between Sophia's review and her eighth grade research paper on racism in the fashion industry.

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