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The Gordon School

All night long

First-ever (?) on-campus overnight brings eighth grade together

Gordon went into double overtime last night with a historic campout under the stars on Engle Field.


The eighth grade wrapped up day of teambuilding and experiential learning with an overnight in Gordon's backyard.


Gordon alumni: no one can remember an overnight at 45 Maxfield Avenue in the past twenty-five years. Could this have been the first one in history?


The day began with ropes courses, ziplining, and team challenges at Treetop Adventures in Canton.


Then, the eighth grade reconvened at Gordon for a night of camping - OK, glamping - with a movie in the Wales Theater and sleeping under the stars, with special guests Dr. Thomas López and Mr. López stopping by to serve ice cream after dark.

Several unique circumstances came together to make this happen, including the cancellation of the annual Farm School overnight and the fact that vaccinations are now available to eighth graders.


It was an amazing finale for three weeks of teambuilding and leadership work for the eighth grade, at the beginning of their last year at Gordon. Thanks to the families who helped make this happen, and to the eighth grade teaching team, who truly went above and beyond to make this happen.

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