A valentine from Gordon

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Dear families, friends, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff and members of Gordon's extended family,

For Gordon's first Giving Week, we chose a week that ends with Valentine's Day. 

It's a high holiday here at Gordon, which is fitting for a community that tries to bring love into everything we do.

There were red hearts and chocolate around campus today, but also less traditional expressions of love. Early Childhood students left a handmade pizza in the faculty lounge. Kindergarten Red Group posted signs reminding us that "frents are imprtin". Sixth graders distributed a newspaper that they poured their heart and souls into, and which included affirmations of their peers all over the school. And so on.

I hope some of this love comes across in this video: the faces of our students, accompanied by the fifth and sixth grade chorus, in three minutes that melts my heart.

Thank you for your support, this week and throughout the year. 

Have an amazing weekend. I hope it is full of love.

Take care, 


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