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The Gordon School

A timeout for the PE department

This morning, Gordon's physical education department convened a PE Educators Roundtable with peers from elementary schools around Greater Boston: Belmont Day School, the Advent School, the Park School, and Fayerweather Street School.


It's part of a deep dive that Gordon's PE and athletics team is doing this year, examining and refining the curriculum from Nursery through eighth grade.


Gordon's Assistant Head of School helped lead the conversation, which included a review of Dr. James Banks' five dimensions of multicultural practice.


How do you choose your lessons? What role models are you putting in front of your students? What cultural expectations are your students bringing to class? How are you defining success?


The questions are as relevant for a PE teacher as they are for a humanities teacher.


The educators had each brought a sample lesson for their peers to review.


To guide the conversation, they used protocol developed for Gordon's annual Multicultural Institute, a set of prompts that are familiar to anyone who has taught at Gordon in the past decade.


For the Gordon teachers, it was a rare chance to compare notes on curriculum their professional peers.


It was also an opportunity for all present to affirm the care, thought and deliberate intention that excellent elementary school teachers bring to their work.

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