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The Gordon School

A readaloud library

An online extension of Gordon's Joukowsky Family Library.

above: Nurse Horton reads a favorite, Wild About Books by Judy Sierra

When the Online Learning Community began in April 2020, Gordon faculty began producing dozens of readaloud videos each day.

Meanwhile, eighth graders who were looking for online service projects began producing readaloud videos of their own.

At home, parents were finding that some students had an unquenchable thirst for more video readalouds.

All this came together to inspire an online extension of Gordon's Joukowsky Family Library.

It's small right now, but Ms. Fanti will add teacher's readalouds every school day, and Mr. Griffin already has a half dozen more to add over the weekend.

To browse the collection, and learn how to donate to the library, go to - enter the password readalouds

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