A powerful show of gratitude

This spring, Gordon came together to make a powerful show of gratitude, in response to an unprecedented gift. The 100 for 100 campaign raised $158,378 over fifty-four days, bringing the year's Gordon Fund to a record-setting total of $616,018.

It began in early May, when Dr. Thomas López announced some very exciting news: Gordon had received a check in the mail, completely unsolicited, completely anonymous, for $100,000 dollars. The school had no way to learn who it came from, but it came with a unambiguous statement of support:

We're a current Gordon family and we really value the community we've found at Gordon. The kid community, the faculty and staff, and the parent community are all such important parts of our lives. We all appreciate the school's mission of equity and multicultural education. We're excited about Dr Thomas López's leadership and this new chapter. Please keep up the good work.

In response, Dr. Thomas López called on the community to come together in a show of gratitude. "Notice how many times they used the word 'community,'" she pointed out. "This is a gift to all of us: students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni and friends. But with an anonymous gift, I can't thank the donors directly. I can't even get a thank you note passed on to them. So I need your help."

The goal was to match the anonymous gift with $100,000 in new gifts to the Gordon Fund, and the community responded by giving 150% - literally! Parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and parents of alumni gave $158,378 in new gifts before the June 30th deadline, bringing the Gordon Fund to its highest total in school history.

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