A penguin came to Gordon today

A penguin came to Gordon today.


Everyone had weeks to prepare.


And yet, it was still a little stunning.


Students had raised money to support Mystic Aquarium's work preserving penguin habitats.


For a while, students didn't even know that the top fundraising school would win a visit from an actual penguin.


And then, no one was expecting to win.


Gordon students are always looking for ways to make the world a better place.


Penguins are part of the curriculum beginning in Nursery.


It was a natural fit.


After a few months of hard work and relentless student leadership, Pink/Green the penguin came to campus.


Journalists were called.


Selfies were taken.


Science was discussed.


Outfits were donned.


Laughs were shared.


Gratitude was expressed.


Students were thrilled.


Memories were made.



dozens more photos are online at Gordon's Flickr site

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