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The Gordon School

A note on recent events

From Head of School Noni Thomas López

Earlier this week, Dr. Thomas López shared this email with faculty and staff, with a list of links that many will find useful:

Dear Colleagues,

It has been wonderful to see you all back on campus this week. The weather has been beautiful, and I know our students are happy to be back together with each other and with you.

Sadly, this week also marks the beginning of the Derek Chauvin trial, the police officer charged with killing George Floyd last May. I never was able to watch the video of George Floyd's death, but if you choose to tune in to the live coverage of the trial, it's almost impossible to avoid.

It's also impossible to avoid the feelings of fear, sadness, rage, and despair that many of us experienced when we first heard the name George Floyd, especially those of us who identify as Black and indigenous people and people of color.

You may have also heard about or seen footage of the Asian woman who was brutally attacked outside a building in New York City. The beating happened in broad daylight. No one came to her aid. This is yet another event that threatens to terrorize and retraumatize adults and young people alike, particularly our Asian and Asian American students, families and colleagues. 

I write to encourage all of you to be gentle with yourselves during these trying times. To those feeling retraumatized by what you are hearing and seeing this week, please prioritize your self care and your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Many of our students will be feeling or re-feeling these emotions as well. Please allow space for processing if that is necessary. I'm grateful that all of you know how to do this in a developmentally appropriate way, and I thank you in advance for making yourselves available to colleagues who may need support taking care of students, so they can take care of themselves.

I hope you will find the resources below helpful, and do not hesitate to reach out if you need support.

Grateful to be in this community with you.

Take care,

Resources for folks who identify as Black and indigenous people, people of color and Asian American and Pacific Islander
Self-Care Tips for Black People Who are Really Going Through It Right Now
Tips for Self Care: When Police Brutality Has You Questioning Humanity and Social Media is Enough
A Guide for Tending to the Traumas of Anti-Asian Violence

How to support Black and indigenous people, people of color and Asian American and Pacific Islander folks
How to be an Ally to the Asian and Asian American Community
Bystander Intervention Training to Stop Asian/American and Xenophobic Harassment
103 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
Handout from the Racial Healing Handbook

Resources for Educators
Derek Chauvin Trial Could Retraumatize Black Teens
What to Say to Kids When the News is Scary
Racial and Social Justice Resources - Education Minnesota

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